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The Magic of VoiceThread in the Classroom Part 3

There are many interesting ideas you can use to spice up your VoiceThreads. While most of these were used with beginners, they could be adapted to fit higher level language classrooms as well. Here are four ideas for interesting VoiceThreads:

1. Finish the story. In many of Keith Folse’s speaking books, he provides prompts for “finish the story” activities. Because students can look up answers to real life stories online, you may want to change dates or names if you are using a factual story. I’ve used the story from the movie “127 Hours” and asked students to respond with what happened. Students get extra points for getting the correct answer. You could also use stories from textbooks like Easy True Stories You supply the beginning of the story and students must guess how it ended. They lose all points if their ending is the same as another student’s ending, so they have to listen to everyone else’s ideas too.

2. Would You Rather? Remember that game “Would you rather?” where the card has two options and both options really stink, but you have to pick between them? This is a pretty fun game on VT. Basically you have students pick between the two options and they need to give an explanation. If you want to make it harder, don’t let students repeat explanations.

3. Experiment with register. ESL students need help in understanding the way that intonation is used in different settings. VT is a great place to experiment with register. Have students record a VT like a sports radio announcer, give a business pitch like on Shark Tank, practice talking to your boss for a big raise, or try to sell a car. Any scenario that fits with your textbook and practices a different intonation will stretch their abilities.


Have students prep for a class project. Don’t forget you can have students talk out their main points for a paper, prep for an upcoming presentation, or summarize a reading text. Anywhere that you want to incorporate speaking and technology in your classroom you can use VT.

*I have not received any financial support from Voice Thread.


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