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For years, I watched students have disappointing interactions with native speakers...

These students had been studying English for their entire lives.  Their plan was to be engineers, accountants, pilots, and dentists.  They already had advanced degrees from their home countries.  One of my students had a Phd in meteorology and wanted to work for NASA.  They were BRILLIANT people. 

But they came to my class upset because there were STILL situations where their English was not fluent enough to get them where they wanted to go. 

One of my students was getting moved by his apartment complex and the landlord lied to him and he was so angry at himself for not having the right English to communicate why this was unfair. His 20 years of English learning had not prepared him for this situation. 

His textbooks had not prepared him for this problem. 

His teachers didn't tell him how to sound angry without cuss words.

He had English skills that were good enough to write a 35 page research article on tropical cyclones, but he couldn't tell his apartment manager that he was being treated unfairly. 

Learn to speak clearly and fluently

You have big goals; I get it.  English should be getting you to your next goal, not keeping you from it.  

Sounding like a native speaker shouldn't be the goal...

Countless students have asked me if they can sound like a native speaker.  I've seen even more teachers online promising students that they can sound like a native speaker.  But who is a native speaker and why isn't it okay to sound like you?

Now, if you're a doctor or a pilot, I can understand wanting to sound like a native speaker, but the majority of my students just want to be understood. They don't want to hear, "Huh? Can you repeat that? What did you say?"

They want to be understood.  

They get stuck in this terrible cycle of studying without feedback, speaking in English, being misunderstood, losing confidence, and wondering if it is worth it to keep going.  It's frustrating to learn something alone. 

But I can help!

College Professor, Teacher, Tutor, Coach, and Leader 
since 2013

You may have found me on YouTube or Instagram, but that's not where I learned to teach.  I've been a teacher for so many years that I lost count.  I've taught every skill level from students that could only say "hello!" to students that wanted me to edit their 30 page papers.  I've taught at the largest university in Oklahoma and one of the smallest. 

I've taught students from 28 different countries and 14 different languages.

I've tutored one-on-one for over 500 hours. 

I learned to teach day in and day out from research papers, to resumes, to conversation, to American history, to grammar, to pronunciation, to cohorts of Mexican students and Korean students, to business English, to vocabulary class, to reading, to book clubs, to the GRE, and then to Citizenship classes for immigrants. 

There is a VERY good chance I can help you with your language challenge.

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Welcome to Teacher Ryane's page.  I'm glad you're here.  I make sure everyone can learn something from every video I post.  I know language learning is difficult, and it takes a lot of time.  I spent 2 years studying for a master's degree to become a better teacher and 7 years teaching in classrooms.  I've taught students from over 30 countries and 15 different languages.  

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