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If you're feeling stuck in your ability to learn vocabulary, this guide is for you.  The chart will guide you to finding all the important parts of information about your new vocabulary word.  Great tool for learning words for IELTS, TOEFL, or GRE. 


Become a walking dictionary!


Printable document with all necessary elements to learning a new vocabulary word. Great for self-study to to be used in a classroom as part of vocabulary learning. Includes some of the best vocabulary learning websites as a recommendation for where to find the best information that is accessible to students.


•Framework for students to record and study the vocabulary they learn in everyday life

•Takes a single word and then expands information on the word

•Helps students monitor their own progress

•Great for IELTS or TOEFL vocabulary learning

•Measurable way to learn and remember vocabulary


The story behind the resource:


There was a student at our school that kept carrying around this notebook.  We all noticed it, but we didn't really ask because we could tell that he didn't want to share. He wouldn't let anyone see it. All the teachers knew it was there, but no one asked.

It was a notebook full of vocabulary.


He was a professional word collector. You might call him a walking dictionary. When he watched TV, he took notes. In class, he took notes. In conversations, he would take notes. If there was a word or phrase that he didn't know, he would write it down. He would ask for you to spell it or say it again. It was incredible. It was his own personal dictionary.


He knew a few things about language learning:

•Taking a photo on your phone won't help your memory

•He was in control of his own learning

•Slang and formal language were both important, just for different situations

•What real people say is very important

•It was okay to ask someone to repeat what they didn't know

Ultimate Vocabulary Journal

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