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Write out your goals for learning English with this worksheet


What happens if we DON’T define our goals?


  • We lose direction in our language learning
  • We don’t know who to listen to or get help from
  • When we get frustrated at English, we can lose motivation to keep going
  • We might spend time learning things that aren’t very important for our goals
  • We lose focus on what really matters
  • We give up


You have already invested so much time and energy into learning English, it is not time to quit.  Whether you have motivation or you lack motivation right now, it is always a good time to come back to the reasons you are studying English.  English is not the goal.  Your goal is to get a degree, make American friends, upgrade your career, travel abroad, or at least have fun learning English!


Write out your goals today and increase your motivation!

Goal Worksheet

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