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Use this packet to teach academic summarizing skills! Summarizing and paraphrasing are higher level critical thinking skills that require students to truly know the material. These skills are frequently tested on IELTS and TOEFL tests and are crucial for college readiness.


Includes a grading rubric for the teacher!!


How to Write an Academic Summary and Response



The following worksheets are used to teach academic summarizing skills. They focus on critically analyzing texts and organizing main idea comprehension. Students must focus on the important information and avoid unnecessary details.



Academic summarizing shows a variety of skills. This can be incorporated into listening, reading, and writing. Perhaps, a teacher could incorporate speaking if they are able to record students individually or if they have time to listen to each student.


Summarizing shows synthesis and analysis of language. Students must paraphrase, which expands their linguistic repertoire. The response essay helps students critically analyze the text by finding the deeper meaning that the author is trying to convey.



These activities are for intermediate or advanced learners. CEFR B1 and above.


Outline of Materials:


1. Instructions for students and rubric

2. Example worksheet with a passage from “Little Women” (Little Women is in the public domain, so you may reproduce this work as you wish. It has been edited for ESL students.)

3. Template for summary writing with the Little Women example

4. Response Worksheet for the Little Women example

5. Rubrics for a summary response essay



©Teacher Ryane Speaks Publishing. You are granted permission to copy for personal or non-commercial use. You may not sell, trade, or share this without permission.

Academic Summarizing Packet

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