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Students study textbook English for years, and they still have problems communicating with native English speakers.


Here’s the problem…

  • English has 25,000 idioms
  • Phrasal verbs are used daily, but have confusing grammar
  • There is internet slang, work slang, and regional slang
  • Slang changes all the time


Even students with A LOT of motivation can get lost and frustrated about what their learning. 


  • They are using textbooks with old information
  • They don't know which words or phrases to focus on
  • They don't know which words or phrases are used most commonly
  • They hear a phrase in a movie and they think it is appropriate for the office
  • They learn an idioms that no one uses anymore


In this workbook, we are going to learn the English that real native speakers use


  • You will learn the most commonly spoken idioms in American English based on a research study from 520 million words!
  • You will understand phrasal verbs and why they are important for casual, professional, and formal speaking.
  • You will learn current internet slang, dating slang, and more
  • Preview the video lessons here


Who is this for?


This was written for adult learners of English that want to improve their spoken English skills with the English that real Americans use every day. There are lessons about dating and slang about drinking. Even if your students neither date or drink, this vocabulary is very common in movies and TV.


Works for:

  • Classrooms
  • Independent study
  • Tutoring


Links to YouTube videos are provided in the packet (31 videos total). Each video is approximately 3-12 minutes long.

31 Days to Better Spoken English Workbook

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