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Answers for Listening

Beginner Level

1. Alicia's Routine

1. 4:30AM     (Home)        Alicia wakes up

2. 5:00AM     (Starbucks)   Alicia starts working at Starbucks
                                      She makes a lot of coffee

3. 1:00PM     (Home)        Alicia goes home to rest and watch TV

4. 9:00PM     (Home)        She goes to bed early

                                      It is difficult because her friends want to hang out

2. Ryane's Routine

1. 7:00AM     (Home)        Ryane wakes up.​ She eats eggs and bacon.

2. 8:30AM     (School)       She goes to a large university and teaches students from many different countries.

3. 5:00PM     (Home)        Ryane goes home and cooks dinner.

4. 10:00PM   (Home)        She goes to bed  

3. How to become a famous artist

1. Main Idea: Take an art class

Details: Learn to draw and paint by practicing everyday

2. Main Idea: Find other artists to be friends with

Details: Ask other artists for help


3. Main Idea: Show your art

Details: Put your art in a coffee shop, so you can become famous

4. Soccer: Lionel Messi

1. What sport does Messi play?


2. What is Messi's number?


3. What helps Messi win?

Being short

4. When did Messi win the golden ball?


5. Where was Messi born?


5. My Dad's Business

1. When did my dad create his own business?


2. What did his friend give him?


3. What was he afraid of?

Making mistakes

4. What did he want to be?

The boss

5. How did he start?

With cameras and lights

Alicia's routine, artist anchor
Ryane's routine
How to become a famous artist
Soccer: Lionel Messi
My Dad's Business
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